The blog of the book, about how to be the wizard of your own life, and maybe go on to change the world!

Welcome, seekers of Wisdom and Wizardry!

This is the blog of the forthcoming book 'How to be a Wizard' by Peter Harris, Wizard of Eutopia. Also the free poster, How to be a Wizard, which started it all... If you want the occasional update on the progress of the book, click on the Follow button. Along with this blog there is a mother site, of the School of Wisdom and Wizardry - My main general personal blog is
  • A painting inspired by Nietzsche's saying.


How to be a Wizard is now available on Amazon

Well it is a shorter book than I planned, but it is the core manifesto, and very reasonable at 99c!

go to

Enjoy! And let me know what you think and if it helped you! Later I may do a second edition, extended.

The school of Wisdom and Wizardry

Well the evolution continues, with the School site prompting me as to what should go into the Book, How to Be a Wizard. The book will be an overview of all the Twelve wisdoms, the five of Process as depicted in the Tree of Life table, and the Seven of the Staff of Life, the seven chakras, which are like Jacob’s Ladder, joining the Earth with the Heavens. Only by having our own seven clear can the ‘angels’ ascend and descend through us. And only if we are open to the Five Wisdoms of Process can the flow of life be vital and dynamic about us, where we stand in life, where we have planted our Staff.

I used my old  ‘We are the Dwarfs of Ourselves’ painting for the thumbnail image for this site, although it is a slightly weird picture I suppose!

A painting inspired by Nietzsche's saying.

We are the Dwarfs of ourselves

A darker picture – Benjamin Franklin as a heroic scientist fighting the ghosts of superstition

This one was part of the journey, pondering the struggle to free the mind to find out how things actually are… Not that physics tells us much about metaphysics, or disproves any of it. It does, however, challenge many dogmas found in religions… I drew this (slowly!) when i was working through these issues. All necessary in the pilgrimage to become the wizard of your life… and more so if one is to be a guide out of certain parts of the labyrinth of the Western mind…



Another prophetic picture – ‘Fireworks over the New University’

This painting I did in my parent’s garage while they were out for a short Sunday drive – it was bursting to come out, and so I stayed behind and painted it. I have always yearned for a better, an ideal, learning institution… The How to be a wizard book is a foundational part of starting that manifestation, the School, as yet unnamed…

How to be a Wizard – the poster that launched a thousand or more words

How to be a Wizard, the book which this site celebrates, anticipates and nurtures, was conceived I guess when I found that the poster I had done for a talk on ‘Holding a Vision’ at the Wise Cicada bookshop in Auckland. I hand-drew it because the solar power was down in our housetruck. Later I photoshopped it, but it remains a hand-written artefact. Download, share, enjoy! And above all, know that ye are all the wizards of your own lives! As Nietzsche said in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, ‘Become what you are’. Here is the PDF, about 400k in size:

How to be a Wizard poster med file

the jpeg:

this poster is also on my general blog,

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